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Chapter I - The Rise Of The Unknown (DIGITAL ONLY VERSION)

by Skullhunter's Diary

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The Unknown 04:19
The sound of heavy breathing echoing from the trees / beyond a mortal being / frantic eyes of unbelieve yearning for relieve / is it real or just conceit? Reality is burred, haunting me for it’s own treat / it’s an amorphous beast and I am the victim [:Chorus:] The Unknown’s following my trail / who can it be? / each step in hope to raise the veil / to get the key [Lead: Leppich] I am the prey – a mortal / each getaway ends fatal / no way leads to escape / condemned this is my fate / my human figure’s like / a futile weapon’s strike against immortal might / just like a desperate fight Awake…
Janus' Masks 06:32
Awaking from my dream / I’ve seen the horrors no one else can see / disturbing reality or rather something else I cannot name / or at least virtuality / I don’t know it feels the same / drowning in this wicked game with no aim left to see / don’t know who to blame / my heart beats unevenly / I’m ridden by fears and it’s hard to breathe / I try to take a deep breath and focus on what’s real / suddenly I heard a voice / I turned around but there was no one else but me But there’s a blossom deep inside the core / of my tormented soul, in the vaporized coal / a heavy lesson and a hundred more / from no on I’ve to abide this everlasting plight / determination blazing by my side / I’ll prevail all these fears / cast away all my tears / extermination fostering my might / although my soul is so sore I will master this chore [:Chorus:] The Janus’ masks are my constant companion / inwardly shattered I am unsure if to get on / the Janus’ masks are a symbol of myself / will I triumph or will I fail? At least I am unbent / strong enough to feel contempt / for those ones who regret everything will work out / and there is no doubt that I am the one to survive / still didn’t lose my faith / from now on to the grave / I hope to feel safe until everything aborts / and I start to become afraid / and there is no escape / moods switching like night and day / just can see black and white / nothing in between and nothing left to hide A burden to endure / against all odds / shall I triumph or lose? / disregarding abuse / a dark path too obscure / defecting gods / set to conquer my mind / to unsettle, and to blind / this is my battle hymn / my spoken word / to my sworn enemy / the unknown majesty / you want to exploit my sins? / I’ll forge them into a sword / you cannot make it undone / our battle has just begun [Lead: Leppich]
Woke up in uncertainty / I don’t know where I am / is this dream or reality? / and where the fuck I began? / have I always been here or brought me something to this place? / memories fading around me / slowly they erase I feel observed / something’s on my trail / do I deserve this ordeal? / I feel disturbed / I am under attack / I realize I can’t fight back [:Chorus:] At once he is standing there with fire in his eyes so bright / the Unknown, he is there again and prepares for another strike / he hits so hard I hit the floor / I try to run but he wants more / he’s screaming at me “This is the price for your pride – so come on, let’s fight!” I feel the pain, intense and so pure / do I deserve this ordeal? / I am not sure / I am under attack / I realize I can’t fight back Now I know this must be dream / where else could he be so strong? / but the pain feels real and I’m suffering since it has begun / again I question how the fuck I stranded here / this is no normal dream, not even a nightmare / I definitely must get out of here / I struggle from this heavy pain / he’s bringing frequently / and I comprehend how it must be when you’re burning miserably / I cannot move / cannot walk / I cannot choke / I cannot breathe / I wanna move but I am chained by this misery disease Lie to my face / tell me that I’m safe / I won’t deny until you hear me cry / tottering through pale land / with no end in sight / I can’t decide if this is true or dream / forces from everywhere are pushing me around / feeding my despair / pressing me to the ground / paralyzed awake / running in my dream / haunted by unknown / which I can’t designate [Lead: Leppich] Can not escape / no chance at all / he is so great / I feel so small / is this the end? How can this be? I want to get out / I want to break free Fuck my pain and let me die / feasting on the sound of my cry / this is your chance so take it now / and if you like it let me know / this is your game so play it wise / I’m on the ground you’re on the rise / until the end I’m your servant in ache / something to destroy and break / tooth by tooth and toe by toe / I am your longings little whore / break me / take me / make me slave / rip everything / bring me to the grave [Lead: Schlenger]
Sleepless nights and troubled days / I hunger for a second to rest and lay down / I’m hearing sounds and noises whispering to me all day long / I am the chosen / one of a malicious power which is trying to make me drown / I wanna drill a hole in my head to make these voices stop right now What is happening to me? / why does it never stop to tell me lies about my life and tells me there’s no god for me? My head is about to explode / I am becoming insane / all day and all night and everyday / in every way / this demon breaks me down / from inside / in my mind / I can not resist / it’s omnipresent / I wanna crash myself into the mirror / to make this end forever Unknown: “I am the one to tell you what to do. You must obey my command!” / Skullhunter: “Get out of my life, get out of my head! Please, leave me alone!” / Unknown: “You must understand: Now I am your life. You will resign my friend.” / Skullhunter: “Why is it me that you beset? Inside you are killing me!” / Unknown: “See it as your fate. We will match greatly as long as you accept.” / Skullhunter: “No chance at all! I will stand tall until you disappear!” / Unknown: “I disagree. You’ll never be free. As long as you live, I’ll be there. And one little hint: If you try to resist, I’ll make your life nightmare.” I press my hands against my head / and hope that it will make it end / I’m walking through my room like I’m drunken / my knees are weak / my mind is spent / I am searching with my eyes for something that I can’t find / I am grinding with my teeth / from my head to my feet I feel the heat Can someone tell me why? / I am breaking down in fear / can someone hear my cry? / I wish I wasn’t here at all Vicious, these voices beneath my sanity / my mind left behind in it’s naked fraility / webbed dreams by unspoken chimaera /carrying my mind towards my last era [Lead: Schlenger] [Lead: Leppich] What is happening to me? / why does it never stop to make me cry about my life and tells me there’s no hope for me?
It’s getting worse / I’m stunned by this devastating thoughts / a mental curse / which is born from my devastating faults / insanity / it feeds these voices in my head / in misery I beseech the one wish to be dead [:Chorus:] I send out this last cry / it’s fading in the sky / when mortal beings die / time to reach a higher goal / when life turns into coal / there’s nothing left to crawl for me The presence turns to dust / and everyone I know / is petrified in rust / where before there was gold / and my life turns hollow / a lonely king on broken throne / and I have to follow / the call of the Unknown [Lead: Dohle] [Lead: Leppich]
Omen 06:07
Through a lucky auspicious / my bloodlust starts to boil / in my body is growing anger / my blood runs like oil / to face you, to annihilate you is my purpose after all / so say your last prayer ‘cause I determined your fall Soon you will die in pain / a sparkle in my eyes says you’re running out of time / your descent – my salvation / your death – destination / I turn my inside out to have the last laugh / all this pain I felt so long now seems to be gone / my inner beastly lust is focused on your being just / this time no escape / I am the tombstone for your grave / If I may afford one last wish: death by my hand be thy perish [:Chorus:] In a tent full of candles throwing shadows at the wall / the silhouettes of shrinking heads / on a small round table in the middle is placed a crystal ball / there is sitting an old lady with folds in her face / asking me: “My dear boy – why did you fall from grace?” / I said “Madame you must help me! A demon besets me! I wanna face the awful beast to get my life in clarity!” / “I can help you!”, said the lady, “But the price is hard to pay. ‘Cause the demon is deceitful.. It will change you anyway.” No it’s time to fall inside the darkest place I fear the most / to be a host of a fight in my own mind / invoke to bring me down / I will turn the tables / let me drown into darkness and despair within the worst nightmare / revenge will be by my side / and if I fall, I can say I’ve tried / in a swirl of destination I’m steeping my anxiety with fascination / what’s the value of a life which is ruled by a fucking madness / I put everything on one card instead of living a life in sadness [Lead: Leppich] Rushing down…
Ashes of a pale land / my eyes they cannot focus / clotted is my vision / my sleep – I ‘ve just awoken / emerging from disgust / twisted are my delusions / beastly shadows underneath / luring me into mental ruin / scattered ruins in a vast wasteland / not for my soul to redeem Sickened schemes of self destruction / witness of this world’s construction / my inner being I despise / the unknown menace about to rise I drag along my sleazy body’s depiction / across the barren soils of conviction / my every lasting hunch of deep corruption / will not dissolve for reconstruction / steering towards my inevitable fate / my demise shows me no unlocked gate / I drown the world in my endless hate / I cannot deviate / it’s too late [:Chorus:] In the mists on insanity / a horrid shadow manifests in form / the Unknown rises [Lead: Schlenger] [Lead: Leppich]
I am heading for new shores / leaving behind pale land to destiny / burning all of the bridges in my mind and on my way now / keeping the faith / no time to waste with every day now I’m marching on / feeling reborn / enduring every test and not laid to rest I am gonna pack my things and leave behind all this shit / ‘cause in the end I don’t want to be the one to blame and to deal with this / the struggle and the pain have ruled long enough and broke me down / with the end in sight I get up for one last march / and gonna leave this town I slap my own face to feel that I am still alive / this went too far / I realize this with a clear mind / don’t try to stop me because soon I will arrive / I was bleeding long enough / but everything’s gonna stop sooner or later / I became so much greater you nasty little traitor [Lead: Leppich] By the time I discovered that you are a living creature / I was sitting in my lonely chamber thinking of how to teach ya / that you can control my mind and body but you can’t control my soul / and armed with this knowledge it’s time for me to take control
So here we are after all that took place / the reason for my disastrous path is showing it’s face / my suffering as an offering to stand across from you / with white knuckles to turn the clock back / and to start over He tells me my life is a lie / says my life is full of wrong experience / anger and fear is perception / clenched fists and adrenaline is my reaction / my mind is full of despair / can this be true or am I evil / I take a deep breath and start to run / running blindly into my ruin / and all doubts are gone [:Chorus:] This is our final fight / now we’re gonna settle the score / as the day turns into night the Unknown will be no more / this heralds a new beginning / the gleaming of a new dawn / concluding with my old demons / purified and reborn / this is our final fight / symbiotic might of body and mind / as the day turns into night / unleashing forces unkind / this heralds a new beginning / the gleaming of a new dawn / concluding with yesterday’s abominations / purified and reborn Like David against Goliath / the desperate fight / my dwindling force in this fateful night / mobilize my last reserves / for what you deserve / deafening noise is evidence of the final fight [Lead: Leppich] If I’m inferior this might be the last goodbye / but I’ll fight until the death ‘till I’m the only one who’s left [Lead: Schlenger] One fatal hit / one roaring fall / with a thunderous crash you hit the floor / sound of breaking bones / I climb my victor’s throne / you’re lying shrugging in a puddle of blood / doing your last breath in dirty mud / as I stand above you I can’t believe what I see / what I thought was you could be the cruel me [Lead: Schlenger / Dohle] Can’t describe how I feel / can’t describe if this is real / seems like it’s over I defeated the Unknown
The fog on the battlefield slowly disappears / rain starts falling down on me to wash away the pain I felt so long / deathly silence surrounds me / my senses slowly return / now I can breathe again / walking away, but suddenly I wonder [:Chorus:] Am I strong enough? / there’s so much pain for me to bear / I’m standing at the stairway of broken hope / my future drowning in the mud / no beacon guiding my way / I had dreams, I had wishes / but I never caught a glimpse at the stars I start to turn around / take back a few steps to risk one last look on the enemy I fought / I lean over the dead body and something inside me flares up / an unknown insanity suddenly takes hold of me / so intense like nothing before / a creepy crazy horror flushes through my mind / what is happening to me? / where comes it from, what can this be? A venom is flushing through my veins / makes me feel like I’m becoming insane / it itches everywhere but I cannot scratch myself / in my brain madness meets brutality [Lead: Dohle] It becomes stronger and bigger / as if something takes possession / an unknown pain is pounding through my brain / becomes a chocking obsession / silent screams seem to be in vain / I put off every compassion / leave behind every restraint / bad becomes good, good becomes bad / I don’t know what to believe in / silent I scream, loudly I’m speechless / I tear out my whole feelings [Lead: Leppich] As I took one last look into the dead man’s face / I got pushed through by cold blooded terror / a never known panic drives me sweat / I realize my biggest error / panic is spreading into me / he is looking exactly like me / I always fought an evil me / I prepared my own destiny I always tortured myself / I laid stones in my own way / I pushed myself off the throne I am the Unknown.


released June 7, 2020

All music & lyrics written and performed by Skullhunter's Diary

Recording, producing and editing by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, Germany

Mixing and mastering by Norbert Leitner, Austria

Artwork by All Things Rotten


all rights reserved



Skullhunter's Diary Osnabrück, Germany

Death metal from Osnabrück (GER)

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